Western Cape Trailers have had the experience of manufacturing mobile food trailers for over 8 years, originally building mobile food trailers from thin 0.8mm chromatic sheets we have now since evolved with the market and are now supplying the more elegant 40mm insulated refrigeration type panels on all our premium trailers.

Today, Western Cape Trailers are one of the leaders in food trailer manufacturing in South Africa and particularly the Western Cape and are known for our superior quality, excellent value for money and professional after sales service.

We as Western Cape Trailers pride ourselves in the fact that a Quality Food Trailer should take no longer than 21 working days to manufacture.

The Western Cape Trailers success story has firmly placed the Company in the elite company of the top manufacturers of mobile food trailers in South Africa.

The Company is centrally located in Montague gardens in Cape Town and has easy access to the main highways leaving and entering this amazing mother city.

For many people, the purchase of a mobile food trailer is not taken lightly and involves a lot of thought and a major investment. We know that you expect your mobile food trailer to look good, be suited to your application, pass rigorous inspections by local health departments and last but certainly not least must last you for many years.

Not only do we have the experience of building great mobile food trailers, but our management has 3 years experience in the actual running of mobile food trailers, our invaluable insight ensures that the mobile food trailer is fit for its intended purpose, built with the customer in mind to operate in the real world and not just from a manufacturing perspective.

We are so confident about the superior quality of our mobile food trailers that when you visit us at our site in Montague Gardens we invite you to have a look around our factory and see the quality of skill and care that goes into each and every build of the mobile catering trailer. You can also view the progress of your ordered trailer online at any stage of the build process due to our unique BLOG on our website.

Over the years we have helped many people start a successful food vending business and have even helped established businesses grow their business further by taking their wonderful food to the people and not waiting for people to come to them, mobile food is way more marketable.

We have also helped many Corporate clients such as Bacinis Ristorante, The Animal Rescue Organization, Tellumat, Titanium Television and Hillsong Church, Big Shot Live, Adidas, Columbia. Just because these are BIG names it doesn’t mean that we charge BIG prices !!!

Whatever your circumstances we can help you on the road to success and like a lot of people if you haven’t quite managed to save up to buy your mobile catering trailer outright, we might be able to help you arrange finance and insurance for your purchase.

Western Cape Trailers conforms to the standards set out by the local health department and we will try assist in pointing you in the right direction in terms of obtaining your food vendor license.

Our trailers are SABS approved which means that we continue to meet the high standards expected in our manufacturing processes.

Although we specialise in the manufacture of mobile food trailers, we also offer various other custom trailers such as Bin Rail Trailers, Quad Bike Trailers, Dog trailers, Flat deck trailers, Car trailers, Cargo Trailers, trailer servicing and general repairs.

Please feel free to continue visiting our site for news, updates and special offers.

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