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Western Cape Trailers

Today, Western Cape Trailers are one of the leaders in food trailer manufacturing in South Africa and particularly in the Western Cape. We are known for our superior quality, excellent value for money and professional after-sales service.

We create truly awesome custom trailers. All you need to make is inquires about any of our range of trailers and we can create a truly custom trailer to suit your every need. Get in touch today! We can make your next amazing trailer to boost your business.

We have also Corporate clients such as Bacinis Ristorante, The Animal Rescue Organization, Tellumat, Titanium Television and Hillsong Church, Big Shot Live, Adidas, Columbia. BIG names, but it doesn’t mean that we charge BIG prices!!!

Not Just Food Trailers

Here Is What We Do

  • Food Trailers

  • Kitchen Trailers

  • Mobile Food Vending Trailers

  • Mobile Kitchens

  • Utility Trailers

  • Car Trailers

  • Drop side Trailers

  • Generator Trailers

  • Stage Trailers

  • Site Office Trailers

  • Custom Built Trailers

  • Promotional Trailers

  • Vending Trailers

  • Mobile Office trailers

  • Site Trailers

  • Flat Deck Trailers

  • Jetski Trailers

  • Bin Rail Trailers

  • Quad Bike Trailers

  • Golf Cart Trailers

  • Water Trailers

Food Industry Great Opportunity For you!!

The food industry is a great business for the self-employed business owner. It is lucrative and essentially recession proof and we have a wide range of mobile catering trailers for sale that will jump start your career in the food industry.

No matter how bad the economy gets or how bad the weather is, we all have to eat.

Western Cape Trailers provide you with the ability to run your own restaurant at a fraction of the cost. Our Mobile Kitchen Trailers are perfect, regardless of whether you want to start your own food trailer business or have a catering company and need mobile outlets. Western Cape Trailers manufacture only the highest quality customized mobile food vending trailers in the Western Cape. When it comes to quality trailers, Western Cape Trailers are your only answer!

So, are you ready to take your goods mobile?

If so, we can ensure your dream becomes a reality in only a few weeks and offer a wide variety of trailers to kick start your business.

Wanna See What We Do?

You have to see some of our proud projects. This is how we take workmanship serious at Western Cape Trailers.

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